Le Bon Palais

Yesterday evening we went to Let's Dance after party to Le Bon Palais. We couldn't stay so long because we had to work today, but we had really nice time.

It was so many people and everyone was dancing...It was so fun.

Oksana had: dress from Elise, neckless from Chanel, earrings from  Accessories, watch from Patek Philippe.

Jonathan had: suit from J.Lindeberg, jeans from Gucci, shirt from Eton.

                                         This is how we looked yesterday

Jonathan and Oksana together with George Scott. He is Swedish professional boxer,

former World professional champion in 1995,1996,1997.

                                          Nice company:  Niklas Wahlgren, Oksana, Jonathan and Laila Bagge.

Oksana is going home

Valentine's Day!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!!

I think it's my favourite day. Jonathan is so nice. Today in the morning i got nice red carpet in heart shape with very nice chocolate and strawberries.

It was decorated with ice in heart shape :) Wasn't it cute?

And what did you get today???

Friday 13th...

I have just been dancing at Letīs Dance but I hurried back home to pick up Oksana and be able to blog. Hope that you enjoyed the show if you saw it. If you didnīt you can see it here.

Now weīre going Le Bon Palais to party with the rest of the Letīs Dance people. Weīll take a lot of pictures so keep your eyes open tomorrow. :-)

By the way. We just received some nice pictures from the Weddingfair from our great photographer KickiFotograf. Look at her homepage. She is amazing!

Have a terrific evening!

See you tomorrow.

Hug and kisses from Jonathan and Oksana.

Click on the picture and you will be able to see the video of the show.

Picture from KickiFotograf.